James Cook

James Cook Fun Fact:

In 1796, Captain James Cook asked the tahitian sailor to navigate his ship, the Endeavor, in the south pacific. 

james cook fun facts

James cook fun facts

Young James Cook (1728-1779) joined the Royal Navy in 1755 and rose quickly through the ranks at a time when the vast Pacific, covering more than one-third of Earth’s surface, was the primary focus of European discovery and exploration. DUring three long expeditions, Cook discovered and charted more of the Pacific Basin than any other explorer. Between 1768 and 1779, he crossed the South Pacific three times, twice venturing into the Antarctic Circle. He also cruised the North Pacific, entering the Arctic Sea through the Bering Strait, and sailed to Hawaii, where he was slain with four of his men. Cook’s expeditions produced the first accurate charts of the Pacific, based on thousands of astronomical sightings. He had perfected his skills by surveying the coasts of Newfoundland, skills that had to be adapted in the immense Pacific.